Parental Alienation

If you find yourself faced with circumstances in which you are not being allowed to see your child it is important to act quickly and to gain a swift understanding of what is causing this situation.

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Alienation can be extremely damaging to the child, both in the present time and in terms of the child's ability to develop into a well balanced and happy adult. The family court is alive to this issue but taking a case to court where alienation is suspected is by no means a black and white matter, as these cases often feature many allegations, a significant number of which might never have been true.

If you believe your child has been alienated, it is important to act as swiftly as possible. The situation can quickly become entrenched and subsequently more difficult to resolve.

It is important to make an urgent Children Act application to court as soon as contact has been severed.

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We can support you with this or work with a barrister on your behalf under the Direct Access scheme. We have experience of working with barristers, QCs, psychological assessors and family therapists who are specialists in the field of parental alienation.